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Geplaatst door: caroluss56 383 dagen geleden
The Biggest dutch club tour with 12 amazing dutch bands. More than 25 shows throughout the country. 4 packages: rock, metal, hardcore punk and metal/rock. Tickets available at More shows to be announced soon.

Proving Grounds Aftermath came to be after Proving Grounds 2 the biggest livestream festival ever. Now that concerts are back, BrandEvolve Bookings started booking shows through the country with the best acts from the festival. Find a show near you and support the local scene.

Rock package: Five Minute March, Headfirst and David Rooker.
Metal: Ann My Dice, Raven Called Sin and Rising Revolution.
Hardcore punk: Kelsey, Crazed and Tigerknife.
Metal/rock: Kick Me Out, Heartrest and Sietse de Krieger.

Guest appearances from Salvage and lineal.

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